13 Wedding Hairstyle for 2017
sonia.yarkhani / 15 Jun /

Its finally happened, you're getting married. All these hints and  clues you left him with finally got through. Now it comes to planning; venue, catering, wedding planner, dress, bridal party music oh and most importantly HAIR!

Well don't worry  too much about that , we got you and your bridesmaids covered with these 13 trending  wedding hairstyles  ranging from boho-chic to classic old Hollywood and a few tips on how to make that day seamless so you and your party can enjoy a little bubbly while  your hair crew takes care of you .

Tip #1: Go for a trial!!  Even though you think  the hairstyle is easy make sure  your hair stylist is ready for your big day so you don't stress about it on the day of.  Our first round of wedding hairstyles are for you long hair ladies that love to have your hair around you. These 6 styles are beautiful for either the brides or bridesmaids.

Beautiful Boho Hair style designed by Jody Kezar

Beautiful Boho Style created by the Evolve team 



Tip #2 :  Bring all your bridal hair accessories and inspiration photos to your  hair trial. This is especially important because what you think may look amazing in  your mind may not exactly translate when you have it on yourself, and its nice to get the whole picture so you know what to expect the day of.  This next round of trending wedding hair styles is for those ladies who love a little romance in their hair, with these loose  a messy up-dos both great for bridesmaids and the bride. 

Tip #3: Get a fresh blowdry the day before the wedding, no matter how good you are at blow drying your own hair chances are  your hair stylist will do a better job. This will ensure that your style will last the entire day.  These next round of wedding hairstyles are for the shorter hair  ladies , these bridal hairstyles are great for both brides and bridesmaids. 



Weddings can bring on extra stress, although its all for a good cause it never really feels that way along the way. We wanted to make things easy for the brides to be by sharing some trending wedding hair styles that cover  a variety of categories. Happy weddings Ladies!! 





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