5 New Hair Habits to adopt in 2017
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 Its bittersweet when the new year comes, we have done so much in the past year sometimes its hard to believe how we even made it through. But  with the new year comes change and its only natural to want to kick bad habits like quitting smoking and losing weight,  becoming a better person, being more patient, making new friends, trying a new hobby, spending more time with family and the list goes on and on and on. So how about switching out some of those bad hair habits like using Pantene or Herbal essence, only going to the salon once a year or not drinking enough water and swapping them for a really good one like the ones we are going to share with you today and why. Not only will you evolve from these great habits but we guarantee you will have better hair days.


  1. Drink more WATER  


 I know this sounds like a no brainer but how many times a week do you tell yourself that you need to drink more of the good stuff called water?  3 reasons why you should and how to stay consistent:

  1. 80% of our bodies are made of it , and its good to keep your organs healthy               
  2. its free, and keeps us hydrated from the inside out 
  3. it will keep you youthful and helps keep our skin looking moisturized

 What we at evolve started doing is keeping a water bottle in your line of sight that reminds us  to drink more water, this will help you stay hydrated from the inside out. Its the main reason why we dry out our hair and scalp especially this time of  year. So do yourself a favour and get a swell bottle, fill it with water and drink your way to hydrated hair and skin.


2. Exfoliate your Hair(Unless you just had your colour freshly done):

 This is great to do pre-colour service. Our favourite pick is the KEVIN.MURPHY MAXI WASH.  Much like our face our hair has dead cells on it, which can cause dullness in colour, frizz and dryness. Here are 3 benefits:

  1. Reestablishes shine by removing dirt and build up
  2. Detoxifies sluggish or flaky scalp ( helps balance pH levels)  
  3. Helps prepare your hair to absorb nutrients 



3. Swap out drugstore for salon quality :

Its like food for your hair.  Im sure you all know how much we love KEVIN.MURPHY but here are 5 more benefits from using Salon products:

  1. Preserves your colour that you just spent $200 on
  2. Less exposure to toxins 
  3. You have better hair days- this means you wont have product build up making you hair heavy and dull looking
  4. They last longer than drugstore products and your hair wont get used to it 
  5. They are filled with better ingredients and can be tailored to your needs specifically 


If you aren't sure which product you need dont worry you can check out their newest feasture on their website called PRODUCT.MATCHMAKER by clickling here to get paired up with the right products.

4. Travel with KM in your luggage:

You say WHY? I say WHY NOT! Here is 3 reasons why you  should.

  1. You are in a different climates using different water so your hair can react in ways you wont know and KM can help maintain  the health of your hair 
  2. They come in tiny travel sizes that fit perfectly in to your carryon
  3. You wont come back from your holidays immediately needing a treatment, gloss and trim to bring your hair back to life.




 5. More frequent visits to the salon:

This sounds like a gimmick but its not, heres are a few reasons why.

  1. We keep your hair healthy 
  2. You end up spending less at the end of the year 
  3. Your are in communication with your stylist about your hair goals and can prep for change
  4. If you are growing your hair , you can look good along the way 
  5. You will never have a bad hair day.
  6. You can slowly build your roster of products instead of having to buy all at once 
  7. You are more likely to get loyalty rewards 
  8. Your stylist will be happier, and happy stylist= happy hair 
  9. You will get more compliments on your hair 


Its said that it takes 21 days to form a habit so if we can get motivated to do all of the other really difficult ones like quit smoking and losing weight, who’s to say we cant drink more water,  start using better products, turn our yearly visits to the salon into quarterly visits,  and have a better beauty regiment. These 5 habits we have shared with you will not only help you look and feel better all year round but it will keep you motivated to continue on this new found drive of  spending more time  taking care of yourselves inside and out.  

It no lie when they say “ when you look good, you feel good and you do good”.

Lets Go into 2017 with the right strategy to becoming our better selves.



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