With fall gradually appearing we naturally slow our pace and get into a new routine. Which means we change our eating habits, we sleep a little earlier, we are connecting more with nature and most of all we change our appearance from our clothes to our make up and our hair. In honour of change we are sharing with you  5 ways to recover from summer and rejuvenate into fall.






1: Change your shampoo to something more hydrating




This  helps add moisture to your hair and scalp while making your hair healthy and strong. With out moisture in the hair we have a higher chance of breakage due to its lack of elasticity. Another benefit of a hydrating  shampoo is it helps your rich and beautiful  fall toned hair colours stay in tact longer. 

If you are worried about it a moisture shampoo being too heavy try using a shampoo that helps balance and restore the pH of your hair and scalp back to its range of 3.5-4.5. This is best for those who have a medium density, wash  their hair often and those who do not have chemically treated hair.  Our two favs are HYDRATE.ME and BALANCING WASH both from  the KEVIN.MURPHY line. 







2. Add a masque to your regiment:


As fall approaches the humidity levels in our air change. Using a masque will help deliver an added bit of moisture to you hair. We love the one from KEVIN.MURPHY that has tiny vitamin C pellets that once its rubbed in your hand and onto your hair delivers instant moisture with our leaving a buildup.








3. Sleep with a silk pillowcase to help with friction:


Cotton is rough and you cannot predict that you will sleep like an angle with out moving, tossing and turning. Silk pillow cases help reduce friction on the face which helps reduce wrinkles and help prevent crazy bedhead as well as helps fight frizz  so that you don’t wake up looking like Einstein.





4.Give your hair a Facial by doing an in salon treatment:



In salon treatments are great to do post summer and mid winter. Your stylist will be able to customize your hair facial to what you need, and by leaving it in for 20 mins this allows all the lovely ingredients to work their magic. AHAs help exfoliate the cuticale ,vegetable glycerin oils and plant proteins  are  combine and formulated to combat lack of moisture, aged hair, weak hair and thinning hair.  KEVIN.MURPHY nailed it with these treatments.








5. Be Proactive not Reactive;



Make your visits to the salon a bit more regular.


This might seem extreme, but its not. Making regular visits to the salon doesn’t mean you  have to drop serious $$$, you can just keep your hair refreshed. Now a days tons of salons are offering refreshing/ maintenance services like toners, hair dusting, and treatments. This just ensure your hair always looks as good as you do .







Fall is a great reminder for us to make changes and what better way than to develop a few new routines to help you bounce back from summer and fall in love with your hair again.































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