5 shades of blonde
sonia.yarkhani / 21 Mar /

Lets Go Blonde 


We can certainly say that blondes have more fun! Whether naturally born blondes or NOT, it’s definitely is a fun color to have! Which is why we believe that every girl should be blonde at least once in their lives, no matter the skin tone.


There is a shade of blonde for everybody !!!!

                                                    ~Jody Kezar 



   With Spring around the corner, there is light at the end of the winter tunnel. Now is the time to add some highlight or balayage  to your brunettes, add ombre to your brondes and add baby-lights to your naturally beautiful blond hair. To make this easy we have broken it down into 5 different skin tone categories and  what looks best with them. Staying in between  two levels  lighter or darker than  your natural shade at your roots, will give you the best effect for your blonde and you can play with lighter tones throughout the rest of you hair including your ends.

Available Shades of blonde: The most common blondes being, Golden, Platinum, Champagne, wheat and Honey Blonde, here are a few ideas you can ask your hairstylist to try on you. This way, you will be assured that you are wearing the perfect blonde for your skin tone.

Fair Skin: With cool milky, blush undertones, your skin is like that of a porcelain doll. Very delicate! Do not go any blonder than the color of your skin or it  will tend to wash you out. Opt for a darker shade of blonde or even use highlights such as strawberry,  cool platinum or beige tones.

For Fair with warm undertones, you can go as light as beige or platinum blonde.


Light Skin: You are generally light-colored skin with rosy and peachy undertones. The best blonde color to match your skin tone is light and medium champagne blonde.( try to avoid any yellow tones and keep to cooler tones)Using cooler tones will help cancel out some of the red undertone in the skin. 




Medium / Neutral Skin: This is also called the happy medium. Your skin tone is neither fair nor dark. It is sun-kissed. It has a natural glow. This skin type goes best with neutral honey, bright baby blonde pieces and golden blonde hues.


Olive Skin: Your skin is between light and moderate brown. It is a diverse skin tone because it can also appear in most hair colors as an undertone. It has a more tanned look from its lovely yellow, green and golden undertones. Neutral colors that aren't too warm or too cool are best with this skin type such as honey or baby blonde. ( nothing yellowish, can make you look sick and unnatural)



Dark Skin: You have a darker complexion ranging from espresso, copper, ebony to dark brown. The best color for you would be Golden and Honey blonde or even a whipped mocha tone.


Check out the simplified chart below  that we created to help summarize:


It takes time to get the right blonde for you depending on where you start, but if you are committed adn prepared you wont be dissappointed. As you can see there is the right shade of blonde for everyone.  Which shade are you??


Ta ta for now


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