5 tips on how to grow your Pixie cut
sonia.yarkhani / 15 Feb /

How to Grow Out a Pixie Haircut

Growing out from short hairs can bring out many awkward hair days, but if you know the tips and tricks for growing hair perfectly then it will help you in keeping your lovely and fashionable look during the process, and it does not have to be as bad as you might fear it will. These ways will help you to grow your hair out from a pixie cut while still looking trendy and cute.


  • Know what you’re up for: The first and foremost thing which you should need to know is what you’re in for because growing out a pixie haircut isn’t an easy task it will take a year or more to completely grow out. In all this process you’ll be dealing with uneven strands, awkward hair lengths, and other styling problems, but if you really want your hair to grow then tolerate these problems and cover this journey with patience. 
  • ​Keep your hair healthy:  If you want your hair to grow faster than keep them as healthy and hydrate as possible. Avoid applying heat, dye and certain hair products in excess. Use the hydrated cream-serums and stay away from products which contain harsh chemicals. 


  • Choose a goal: Growing hair out from a pixie haircut is an enduring task and for consistency you need some motivation. Select a goal which helps to keep you motivated and driven in order to achieve your mission. And helps you to bear your bad hair days as well.

  • Trim your hair often: This is the golden rule to grow your hair thick and healthy; you should trim the split ends often. If you don’t trim your split ends in the process, you may notice that your hair will begin to bulge around the ear. Trimming the ends will ensure that your hair grows out beautifully instead of messy and thin. Make sure that you trim your hair so that you can get the thick and healthy hair for which you’ve waited for so long.  Below you will see a collage of KIERA KNIGHTLY's hair journey from pixie to long hair. 


  • Get used to Bangs for a bit: When you’re growing out of pixie haircut, you will have to bear the bangs for some time because there is no way around it. If you’re not a big fan of bangs, then use the bobby pins to pin them up and away from your face. Or go for a sexy look and consider a side sweep that droop over one eye.


  • Collect headbands: Headbands are the life savers. The decorative headband can easily hide any section of your hair that has grown to awkward length; it helps you in styling your hairs. Headbands are elegant and can make your dressing complete, no matter how bad hair day you are having. 


So, if you really want to grow out your hair from pixie cut then you have to be patient and take it as a challenge because it is a long journey. But with a few  haircuts, a goal in mind and a few cute headbands to help with bad hiardays it might just be fun.

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