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 Its a time for change and its quite common these days to get confused about what you want and with  the amount of #hairinspos we get flooded in our news feeds on pinterest, instagram and facebook its easy to feel overwhelmed. Well that's why we are sharing with you a few sure ways you can find out what will look good on you and how to communicate to your stylist. 


How to choose the right haircut:

1.Face-shape is extremely important:

 You know what looks best on you and  its important to focus on your best features and not on the ones you hate like you chin or your nose. Lets focus on your eyes, your lips and your cheeks. A haircut that highlights your best features and camouflages ' your faults' will be the most flattering. 


Round face shape - This is mostly around the cheeks , so keeping layers longer and more graduated will help give the illusion of  a longer face. So anything below the chin will help make your face look longer and leaner as well as a shorter layered fringe being swept away from the face. If you like short hair, then anything with a more square or graduated shape will help balance the roundness and add height to help create an oval appearance. 



Heart shaped face: This face shape is quite common, those with this face shape usually have point chins and a prominent forehand. So keeping with a side fringe or textured choppy fringe that is more narrow and avoiding face framing layers is good idea. We recommend a mid-length haircut with texture and layers is a great way to add a bit of width from your chin to your shoulders and to make the forehand appear leaner. 





Square shaped face: Those with this face shape usually have a prominent jaw line and an equal width from the forehead to the jaw. Avoiding anything chin length will help diminish the appearance of the square jaw line. stick to layers and fringes either round or angled will always help highlight the eye and the cheekbones thus giving the appearance of different widths. this allows the eyes to focus on your eyes instead of the jaw line.




Long face shape: Those with this face shape gracefully taper from the forehead to the chin. Avoiding any hairstyles with too much height and swept back directly from the face will help. A round full fringe will help shorten the face, along with light layering around the sides to help ad width and keeping within a medium length will prevent the appearance of looking longer.




2. Texture & Density: When choosing a new haircut you have to keep in mind your texture and density. This will be a clear indication for how short you can go and if you can have a fringe or if you can have layers. The more hair you have the more styles you can choose from.  

  •  Curly hair is pretty much all about the shape. The length is up to how comfortable you feel if you aren't sure be sure to check out our blog we wrote earlier this year about curly hair hacks click here to check it out.
  • Straight hair can be limiting depending on the density  if your hair is heavy then go for the layers if your hair is fin then stick to minimal layers even disconnections which will help build volume where you need it. 
  • Wavy hair can have a lot o flexibility even though you might not think so you can go with  layers and fringe because its quite easy to smooth out the hair and also be able to wear it messy and textured so you might be surprised with all your options.


3. Styling abilities : This is as important as the rest of them. Every time  I give my clients a new haircut, not only do i take the time to show them the different ways they can wear it but i also show them a few tricks they might not know. However if you are not quite as handy as you thought then maybe taking a stylist class will help you click here to find out what we offer to our clients.


These 3 categories are things to things about when you are choosing a new haircut or on the hunt for the perfect one.  Trying to find photos that best resemble your face shape, texture and density are definitely something you want to be prepared with when going in for your appointment. And if you feel really defeated when it comes to styling don't be afraid to ask for help from your stylist, if they take the time to show it shows how much they care. 



If you found this blog useful please share it with your friends and stylists and we can all run free and wild with beautiful haircuts.


Ta ta for now



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