The Truth about Pastel Hair Colors & the Unicorn Tribe
sonia.yarkhani / 14 May /

The Truth about Pastel Hair colour and the Unicorn Tribe


Gone are the days of grungy looking faded fashion colours.  In the past couple years we have seen the trend of pastel and unicorn colored hair come to life. There are numerous color companies jumping on the rainbow chasing unicorn tribe band wagon and we love it. It gives us tons of options, literally the color of the rainbow and the hair is our canvas. But before we get ahead of ourselves and get ready to jump on that train, there are definitely some truths we must learn before we take the leap. 


 1:Choose the right colour:

This is super important!! Just because you like the colour doesn't mean itwill look good on you.
Blue, pink, green, purple and everything in between,spend some time and truly understand what you are capable of pulling off.
Nothing is worse than a color that will make you look washed out and tired, colors are meant to brighten us up and enhance our features. 



2. How to get there?

This is another important truth to really understand. Its all fine and dandy when you see these colours on Instagram and automatically we get inspired and we think to ourselves “ this is amazing i want this colour” meanwhile you have box dyed color and have never done any other color before. Everything looks great on Instagram but what we don't see is the process. 

  1. After you have chosen your color its time for the pre-lightening process: This can take a few times depending on what color you want and what color you start with. 
  2. Put some time aside with your stylist and be committed: Creative colours don't happen in 2 hrs they can take anywhere from 4-6 hrs and 2-3 visits to get the desired lightness while keeping the integrity of the hair in tact. You can only push the hair as much as it tells you even with Olaplaex and Brazilian bond builder. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day, they were committed to the final result so whatever it took to get there they put the time and effort to get there. 
  3. Be ok with the Interim: you might just have a shade or two darker than your desired shade but be OK with it you are one step closer to you destination. 

3. How to take care of it:


These colors are finicky and require a bit more maintenance than the regular blonde hair. 

  1.  Use sulphate free /Parabin free shampoos and conditioners.: If you are going through this process its best to protect your investment. We particularily Love KEVIN.MURPHY for its amazing shampoos and conditoners 
  2. Treat yourself: Keeping your hair moisturized is important, if the hair is dry the color wont keep and it will look dull and lifeless. Doing a treatment once a month will aide in the health and shine of your hair especially if you have a challenging texture.
  3. NO more flat irons: This LITERALLY steams the color right out of your cuticle. Stick with the blowdryer and don't overdue the hot tools. Waving is ok with curling irons but not everyday. 


4. It costs to be beautiful:​

This is something no one ever talks about but its important to know what you are getting yourself into before you embark on this hair journey. The Cost of these colors are high and for many reasons. We wont give you any specifics because we don't want you to get attached to any one number as everyone operates differently and has different costs but we will give you a run down on how the cost is analyzed so that you feel the value in the process and the value in the time your stylist has taken to make this happen:

  1. The lightening process:  you can do this 2 times in one day
  2. The products used : lightener, bond builder/ olaplex, colors, toners, treatments 
  3. Time: the  time spent on this process means the stylist cant possibly spend time on anyone else, so you have their full attention
  4. The assistance: like they say “it takes a village to raise a child” same thing here colourists have assistants to make sure they dont miss any steps and that everything is covered and with that comes a cost. 

Our intension when we wrote this blog is to inform you and give guidance on the process and to help clients understand the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into this kind of service. Knowing this is important before you take the next step,  in this case there is no need for surprises. 


Hair is an expression of what comes from inside of us, if you want to be a unicorn or a creamsicle or a valley of lavender flowers so be it. Let your hair be one part of your life's canvas and explore your options to  make the hair fit you and not you fitting the hair. Happy Pastelling my future unicorns 








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