We now offer DIY hairstyling classes
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DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

D.I.Y HAIR CLASSES ♦ click the video to see more ♦

We know how overwehleming it can be when you are trying to style your hair like the pros but just cant wrap your head around it. Let the days of fumbling with blowdryers, brushes, clips and flatirons come to an end. We have designed this one-on-one styling class just for you, so you can now brag to all your friends of your pro- styling skills.

Banging Blowout /Curls That Rock ($85.00+)
♦ BYOT-bring your own tools
♦ One on one lesson
♦ Step by step flash card to take home
♦ Personalized analysis of your hair
♦15%off all Kevin Murphy products
Stylista ($75.00+) choose from the following style 
♦BYOT- bring your own tools
♦15% off all hot tools/ Kevin Murphy products
♦Step by step flash card to take home
♦The socialite (loose waves)
♦Bohemian Goddess (boho waves)
♦Glaminsta (vintage Waves)
♦Fishtailing or other braids
The Game Changer ($400+) includes:
♦Blow dryer- two brushes- a set of clips
♦KEVIN.MURPHY Shampoo and Conditioner
♦2 KEVIN.MURPHY Styling products
♦Along with everything else that come with the Bangin blow-out


Ever yearn to get that professionally styled salon look in your own home? I’ve always tried to duplicate that effortless glam I get from a salon visit, but it just never turns out quite the same. What ends up happening is that shot of beauty adrenaline from getting your tresses glamoured lasts only until your next hair wash. But now ladies, that’s about to change! I recently visited Evolve Hair Salon in Toronto which is the first DIY Hair Clinic to open up and begin teaching their clients how to get the look for themselves. I mean what a fantastic idea. Not only do they offer all salon professional services but now they’ve added this additional DIY option to their beauty menu.

Erica Grenci, Everything Beautiful


When it comes to hair styling and hair products I am and have always been extremely practical and easy. I'm pretty much a "wash and air dry your hair" kind of girl, I only comb it once a day and apart from shampoo and conditioner, I really don't own anything else, except for a hairdryer I got just 2 years ago. Even though I like my practical approach, I do find that getting your hair done (you know, a nice blowout) does lift you up and makes you feel pretty and put together. So, when my girls from Evolve (the hair studio I've been going for 2 years or so and which I absolutely love) invited me to take part in their newly launched hair clinic I was game. Never too late to learn the basics right? ;)

Gaby Burger, the Vault Files


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